Advisory Board

Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC, Chair Emeritus (1917-2015)
John Burchett, Chair, Washington, DC
Michael Hansen, Vice Chair, Fort Lauderdale, FL
David Gaus, M.D, MPH & TM, Executive Director
Barnett L. Cline, M.D., MPH, Ph. D., Blanco, TX
Austin I. Collins, C.S.C., University of Notre Dame
James Conway, M.D., Madison, WI
Carlos Del Salto, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jim Dunn, Milwaukee, WI
Rachel English, M.D., Milwaukee, WI
Mike Flores, Geneva, Switzerland
Peter Gottsacker, Milwaukee, WI
Alphonse Harding, M.D., South Bend, IN
Michael Heisler, M.D., MPH, Sioux Falls, SD
Tara Kenney, Boston, MA
Daniel Kerrigan, Honolulu, HI
Laurie McKeon, Pleasant Prairie, WI
Louis M. Nanni, Notre Dame, IN
Paul O’Hop, Washington, D.C.
John C. Rudolf, Seattle, WA
Mary Runger, Lisle, IL
Maureen Hesburgh Ryan, Edina, MN
Jenny Grantham Stein, Madison, WI
Beth Toomey, Seattle, WA
Peter J. Urbain, Chicago, IL
John F. Williams, M.D., Ed.D., M.P.H., New York, NY
Timothy J. Willis, Notre Dame, IN

Honorary Board Member

Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady for the United States

United States’ Operations Management

David Gaus, M.D., MPH/TM, Executive Director, Madison, WI
Laura Dries, MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Madison, WI
Alicia Acker, Development Consultant, Madison, WI

Saludesa Foundation Board of Directors
(Andean Health & Development’s Ecuadorian Counterpart)

David Gaus, M.D., MPH & TM, Santo Domingo, Ecuador
Diego Herrera, M.D., Santo Domingo, Ecuador
Miguel and María Elena Andrade, Quito, Ecuador
David Nelson, Ph. D., Quito, Ecuador
Ken Farr, Ph. D, Quito, Ecuador


Father Ted's 100th Bday

Today would have been Rev. Theodore Hesburgh’s 100th birthday. Most of you know of Fr. Ted’s considerable impact on American civil rights and immigration, his counsel to Presidents and Popes, and his commitment to Catholic higher education. I’d like to share his impact on this small corner of the planet here in the Andes Mountains…

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