Andean Health & Development (AHD) is changing the health and well-being of the poor in rural Ecuador by providing quality medical care based on an innovative and proven model of local self-sustainability that can be replicated throughout Latin America.

Pioneered by Dr. Gaus


Dr. David Gaus is the founder of AHD and has served as its Chief Executive Officer since 1994.

David grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and attended Notre Dame where he received an accounting degree in 1984. After a soul-searching conversation with then University President, Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, David traveled to Ecuador where he spent two years volunteering at an orphanage. There he witnessed the marginalization of a population of mostly women and children who lacked access to even basic health services.

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Championed by Fr. Hesburgh


Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh (1917-2015) is the Founding Chair of Andean Health & Development. As the longest standing President of the University of Notre Dame, Fr. Ted was a mentor to many, including Dr. David Gaus whom he encouraged to pursue a life dedicated to the people of rural Ecuador.

Fr. Hesburgh remained involved with Andean Health & Development until his death in 2015. His humanitarian legacy lives on through Hesburgh Hospital in rural Ecuador.

Operated and Sustained by Ecuadorians


Andean Health & Development’s healthcare system is staffed with 100% local Ecuadorians.

We work with and for the communities we serve. We do not operate a parallel system to the public one; instead we believe that working within the existing system is the only way to transform it.

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Advisory Board & Management


Our Advisory Board is composed of business, academic, and scientific leaders across the country.

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