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Andean Health and Development is fortunate to have a relationship with Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®). In years past, RMHC has funded AHD’s Residency Program for local Family Physicians in Ecuador, has contributed to the construction of Hesburgh Hospital, and has helped AHD publish a medical manual for Spanish speaking health professionals in the developing world.

We are now thrilled to announce a $950,000 grant to AHD from RMHC over 3 years.  This grant will help fund the following important projects:

– The building of a state-of-the-art training facility, complete with simulation lab, at Hesburgh Hospital in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.

– AHD’s existing Residency Program for local doctors. AHD conducts this program in partnership with the Catholic University of Ecuador and trains six Family Physicians each year in a three-year program.  Hesburgh Hospital will train 15 doctors each year.  These doctors teach subsequent classes going through the program at AHD.  Click here to learn more about AHD’s Residency Program for Ecuador’s doctors.

– A new three-year training program in partnership with Ecuador’s Ministry of Health (MOH). Most of the MOH (public working) doctors do not have residency training; they are hired to work in, and sometimes even manage, hospitals immediately after medical school.  AHD (and its resident graduates) will train 80 of these general physicians over a three year period to become high quality, residency-trained Family Physicians.  We are thrilled to be part of the country’s shift toward higher standards for medical education and care.

Thank you, Ronald McDonald House Charities, for funding these important programs to bring more high quality care to Ecuador’s families for the long term. More info about RMHC is available at

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