Notre Dame’s Eck Institute for Global Health collaborates on antimicrobial research in Santo Domingo and will conduct other studies on public health and epidemiology. Info on the most recent project can be found by clicking here.

Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine has partnered with Andean Health and Development to increase the standard of education and medical care in Ecuador. The partnership arms the new Hesburgh Hospital with a state of the art simulation laboratory, complete with equipment and faculty support. This aims to train local residents and generalist physicians working in the public sector in a rural context.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has partnered with Andean Health and Development for over eight years to provide UW medical students and faculty with the unique chance to gain clinical experience in a rural setting in the AHD medical centers. Now AHD works with the University of Wisconsin on meaningful public health and epidemiological work. The latest research project is on the mosquito-borne epidemic in Ecuador called Chikungunya.

The Medical College of Wisconsin has partnered with AHD to send UW fourth year medical student to do month-long rotations at Hospital Pedro Vicente Maldonado in Ecuador.

The University of Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns has partnered with AHD to send two University of Norte Dame students each summer for a service learning summer program.

The Catholic University of Ecuador together with Andean Health and Development have developed a partnership where they can recruit and train local staff to bring AHD’s best practices into the field. In addition they select students to participate in a residency program in AHD medical facilities in rural Ecuador.

The Schwab Foundation / World Economic Forum awarded Dr. David Gaus, AHD Founding Executive Director, with the 2010 Social Entrepreneur Award for Latin America.

Ecuador’s Ministry of Health has recognized the need to train local physicians in Family Medicine, especially in the countryside.  AHD trains MOH non-residency generalist physicians to become residency-trained Family Physicians.

Ecuador’s Social Security Institute (IESS) has partnered with Andean Health and Development to create a public-private financial partnership. This partnership ensures that the hospital is self-sustainable by providing a service-rendered payment structure.

The Inter-American Development Bank provides financing for the construction of Hesburgh Hospital as well as a research grant.


Major Funding Partners

The Ronald McDonald House Charities has funded Andean Health and Development’s training programs and the construction of hospitals to bring more high quality health care to Ecuador.

The Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Foundation has contributed heavily in the early stages of the first hospital and the construction/land purchase at Hesburgh Hospital.


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