Community Oriented

Andean Health & Development’s hospitals are staffed with 100% local Ecuadorians.  We work with and for the communities we serve.

The population of both Santo Domingo and Pedro Vicente Maldonado includes 20% native Ecuadorian, 70% Mestizo, and 10% Afro-Ecuadorian. Educational levels vary considerably within the area. Highland Quechua-speaking indigenous groups living at 15,000 feet generally have little or no formal education and speak limited Spanish. The coastal population that is served by the hospitals is generally more educated, with a significant percentage completing at least three years of high school. Farm workers make up the majority of those served.

The Tsachila Indian Nation consists of 2,500 people who still live according to their tribal traditions in their native land of Santo Domingo where Hesburgh Hospital is located.  A Tsachila man is pictured below.


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