Mission, Vision, and Strategic Opportunities


Andean Health & Development (AHD) is fundamentally changing rural health care in Ecuador by providing sustainable, quality medical care today and by training the rural health care leaders of tomorrow.

An Outline of Strategic Opportunities

Andean Health & Development recently published an outline of strategic opportunities for the organization’s next phase. View Andean Health & Development’s Strategic Opportunities here. The document proposes the establishment of the “Saludesa Regional Health Institute” and presents the following five options for expanding and exporting the impact of AHD’s model throughout Ecuador and other parts of developing Latin America.

I.  Exporting the Family Physician: send resident graduates out to other locations.

II.  Exporting the Saludesa Model: foster self-sustaining, high quality medical care and administrative practices beyond Ecuador.

III.  Growing the Private Healthcare Network: establish new small hospitals in the region around Santo Domingo.

IV.  Developing the Public-Private Healthcare Network: collaborate with Ministry of Health hospitals.

V.  The University Hospital & the Private Healthcare Network: partner with the Catholic University of Ecuador to unite urban and rural health care.

But first, we need to raise the final $2 million to pay for the investment in construction and equipment at Hesburgh Hospital and bring the hospital to full financial self-sustainability. Please generously consider a donation or pledge today to poise AHD to make systemic impact in Latin America tomorrow.

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