Hospital Pedro Vicente Maldonado

Pedro Vicente Maldonado (PVM) is a rural community of about 10,000 (50,000 in the surrounding areas), located in the Pichincha Province in northwest Ecuador. Watch the video below to learn more about Ecuador’s countryside.

Andean Health & Development started working in this community in 1997, when they told Dr. David Gaus and his team that they needed a hospital.  In 2000, Hospital PVM opened its doors, thanks to the help of Fr. Hesburgh and donors in the United States.

Since 2007, Hospital PVM has been 100% financially self-sustainable.  The hospital does not incur operating deficits thanks to a unique combination of local financing mechanisms and relationships with the Social Security Administration and local municipalities.  In 2008, AHD began its Physician Residency & Nurse Training program for Ecuadorian medical professionals.  AHD recruits its residents and nurses from the prestigious Catholic University of Ecuador’s Medical School and the Luis Vargas Torres Nursing School, respectively.

Range of Care

– Specialist Outpatient
– Surgery, including appendectomies, gall bladder, hernia repair, hysterectomies, Cesarean section, prostactectomies, tubal ligation, and vasectomies.
– Hospitalization services
– Maternity care
– Emergency care
– Diagnostic Laboratory
– X-ray and Ultrasound
– Pharmacy services

Watch this video to learn more about this hospital:

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