Andean Health & Development (AHD) is changing the health and well-being of the poor in rural Ecuador by providing quality medical care based on an innovative and proven model of local self-sustainability that can be replicated throughout Latin America.  What distinguishes the organization from others is that AHD is the only rural health provider in Latin America that delivers quality care based on a proven model of self-sufficiency and capacity building.  AHD offers the only residency program that trains rural family physicians — where local faculty train Ecuadorian physicians to work in their own communities.

The need is great. A quarter of Ecuador’s people live on less than $4/day.  The majority of the poor live in the countryside, yet most of the country’s hospitals are located in the two largest urban centers. Facing farm accidents, snake bites, limited childbirthing services, and living in communities without adequate sanitation, most families outside of Quito or Guayaquil have very limited access to quality health care and encounter life threatening situations all too frequently.

When you support AHD, your dollar goes a long way to solve these problems. AHD has been operating one hospital for 14 years, serving over 125,000 people. AHD has also recently constructed and opened a first class 65 bed hospital in a different part of the country. In addition to adding a critically needed hospital to an area where over 400,000 mostly poor people live, this new hospital will allow us to expand our medical training and residency program from 6 doctors a year to 70.

AHD’s unique model for financial sustainability is based on strong local partnerships and keeping costs low.  We were able to construct our new hospital in Santo Domingo for less than $4 million (a similar facility in the US would cost 10 times that much).  We can provide locally affordable core services.  For example:

Ecuador  vs. US

Basic Blood Test



Emergency Room Visit



Pneumonia Treatment

C-Section Birth





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