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Dear Laura,

Enclosed are two checks on behalf of the Notre Dame Knights of Columbus … In light of the recent events we have allocated the rest of the money to aid in your mission during this difficult time. Please know that as your amazing ministry remains steadfast serving the people of Ecuador, we at Notre Dame see your testimony and desire to help as we can in our contributions and with our prayers. Thank you for serving such a valuable mission.


Brendan Coyne

Grand Knight

Knights of Columbus

Notre Dame Council, No. 1477

Dear Ms. Dries:

In the aftermath of the disaster that devastated the northern coastal area of Ecuador, Ecuadorian Volunteers Association (EVA) reached to its supporters with the initiative to collect funds and identify trustworthy organizations that were addressing the immediate needs of the victims of this catastrophe, namely, medical services, shelter, medicines, essential food items, and water. The damage is extensive, specifically in the province of Manabí and the cities of Portoviejo, Manta Rocafuerte, Chone, Muisne, Pedernales, Canoa, and other localities. The saddest outcome is not only the growing numbers of causalities but eh destruction of two hospitals located near the epicenter of this 7.8 magnitude earthquake. There are still localities where help has not reached yet, due to the destruction of viable roads.

As we write these lines, the homeless people living in the makeshift shelters and in the open, exposed to the elements, are still experiencing more tremors and rumblings of a 6.0 magnitude, especially in the area of Bahía de Caráquez and as far as the Puná Island. This is unprecedented and casts and uncertain future for the region.

With these antecedents, and with EVA’s mission in mind, we are pleased to contribute to this humanitarian effort.

We appreciate the enormous task that Andean Health and Development is undertaking to aid our compatriots and we thank you, Dr. David Gaus, Executive Director, and the team of professionals who make AHD a beacon of hope in the middle of this crisis.


Graciela Chediak, President

Ecuadorian Volunteers Association

Andean Health & Development,

Several years ago, while on vacation, my granddaughter, Ellie Alford, was bitten by a poisonous snake. She was taken to the clinic in Pedro Vicente Maldonado. There the staff saved her life. Also, there were 3 young American students from Purdue University there that provided translation and comfort to my daughter and son-in-law and Ellie.

Just a small donation here to help this mission to continue. My wife and I and the whole family are so grateful!

Larry and Joanna Slider


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