Reflections from Visiting Residents

Four UW residents are currently rotating at Hesburgh Hospital in Santo Domingo, Ecuador. You can easily see why these exchanges are so vitally important on so many levels: see what’s out there; share life experiences; learn the healthcare system; friendship; respect; mutual learning. The transformation goes both ways! Here’s what one resident said:

“Having a great time in Santo Domingo. We made two videos for musculoskeletal physical exam, created a medical resource list which we presented to the residents, participated in multiple presentations, and continued switching off between inpatient and outpatient services. The hospital service has been relatively busy and we have some really interesting cases here (including a child with poland syndrome who may have a septic knee). We also went to the movies twice with residents and a couple of the tratantes.
We’re heading to the coast tomorrow night and then back to quito and Otavalo for a couple days. I would definitely be interested in returning here soon to continue working with the residents and tratantes (we’re all pretty close now!).


This also just came in from a summer student who came to Hospital PVM for just a few days:

“I am currently a Pediatrics Resident at the University of Minnesota and a BS graduate of the University of Wisconsin. In 2008, I spent the summer in Ecuador with UW’s Field School and returned the following year with Alex Stanculescu to undertake a health care needs assessment of Yambiro. Of the many memories from those summers, I specifically remember spending time at your hospital in Pedro Vicente Maldonado; learning about the challenges of building a hospital and developing a health care system while maneuvering politics, economics, and culture. As a resident at the University of Minnesota, I’ll be traveling to the Palestinian Territories to work with a group of pediatric oncologists with the task of implementing protocol based oncology care and building a new oncology center in the Gaza Strip. It’s amazing to look back and remember how those first summers in Ecuador provided a fundamental knowledge of Global Health issues that I will be use for the rest of my career. Thank you again for your insight during that time.”

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