Andean Health/Hesburgh Hospital in El Comercio

Andean Health / Hesburgh Hospital is in this very nice article written in El Comercio. The article is in Spanish, so in English, the main points are:
  • Last month, AHD doctors examined 400 Tsachilas (native Indian group of Santo Domingo) at Hesburgh Hospital and found that 125 had chronic degenerative diseases, among which were rheumatism, Parkinson’s disease, heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.
  • The poor health of this generation of Tsachilas is due to a change in eating habits and life styles (from cultural changes) and their exposure to a contaminated environment.
  • Water from nearby rivers and wells is contaminated, in part from sewage discharges in the tributaries.
  • The Tsachila governor has entered into an agreement with Saludesa (Andean Health in Ecuador) to improve the health of the community of 2,500 Tsachila members. Tsachilas can receive free exams at HH through the contract.
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