Medical Simulation Training Day at Hesburgh Hospital

An Update from David Gaus

Great inaugural training day at Hospital Hesburgh in Santo Domingo!  We rolled out the simulation lab with the Center for Education in Medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine to 20 people from various institutions, residency programs, and universities.  We did a number of simulation cases, learned the technique, talked to the TV and radio stations, and made many new friends.

A number of the institutions have already requested that we sign agreements to teach their attending physicians this technique so they can teach their residents. Saludesa/AHD’s presence in Santo Domingo has been felt!

This training center/sim lab is the first of its kind in Ecuador. Local physicians are now learning the best practices of medicine and how to teach medicine in a specifically rural context. Hesburgh Hospital is proving that doctors in the rural countryside can provide high quality medical training as well as high quality medical care.  AHD’s partnership with Northwestern University is allowing us to teach the best practices available to teachers in Ecuador with the most current training technology. This is our train-the-trainer model.

By using appropriate technology in the context of a rural setting, AHD is able to make a significant impact on the training of physicians in Ecuador, and thus providing high quality healthcare for women and children (and all adults).  We believe this approach will add to the impact of Hospital Hesburgh and create yet another cost effective and self-sustaining program that will improve health outcomes for years to come.

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