630 in 6 for 63

Total Funds Raised: $72,015

In the Press…

Mike on FOX 28 News in South Bend

Mike in Notre Dame’s Observer

Mike on the Sioux Falls News before the ride.

November 1st:

Mike made it to Notre Dame!! He biked the final trek down Notre Dame Avenue to Hesburgh Library. He even brought his bike into the building, into the elevator to the 13th floor, and all the way into Father Hesburgh’s office! Father Ted and Melanie welcomed and congratulated Mike. He had finally made it from Sioux Falls.

All of us are so proud of Mike and so very honored to have him as the Vice Chair of this organization.  Mike raised $70,000 for Hesburgh Hospital in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.

We hope to continue this momentum on fund raising to finish construction at Hesburgh Hospital and bring more high quality health care to Latin America’s poor. Thank you for all of your support.

Mike and Father Ted at the “Finish Line”

October 31st:

Mike dressed up as a biker for Halloween. He even had the special biking shoes.
Mike borrowed Elvis's shoes for the trek.

On this sixth day, he somehow managed to bike 72 more miles, leaving 35 for tomorrow’s big finish down Notre Dame Avenue.  Two news stations will be there to tape him, and we’ll be sure to post the clips.  It was another cold day but at least the temperatures were in the 40s.  Mike biked until sunset again.  I know he is tired, but he doesn’t seem to get winded in the least.

Congrats, Mike, and thanks to all.

October 30th:

David and I followed Mike and Tom today and scouted a route for them southeast from Delafield, WI. We had to adjust our route: Lake Michigan waves were supposed to be 25 feet high (!) because of the east coast storm, so there was no way we could take the ferry across.  It was in the 30s all day and I honestly have no clue how those two kept pushing through the wind.  I couldn’t even stand outside my car for longer than a couple of minutes.  I tried not to think about what it might be like on a bike.

Nevertheless, Mike made it 90 miles to DeKalb, Illinois.  He definitely would have gone longer, but I finally forced him in my car at 6:02pm because it was nightfall.  I think he would have biked the entire night if I would have let him.  This man is in good shape! Tom too! Tom headed home to Delafield around 4pm, but it was a lot of fun having him around, and he pulled through with some extra biking clip shoes this morning (white patent leather no less!) just at the moment Mike realized that his were sitting in Madison. (Apparently you can’t just wear sneakers. Silly me.)

Overall, a great day for Mike and all of us. He is doing remarkably well and, in my opinion, he is not complaining nearly enough given the weather and the 500 miles he biked over the past five days.  He’s at the hotel pool now swimming some nighttime laps to loosen up for the morning ride. Just kidding. (But I wouldn’t be surprised.)

Thank you, friends, for supporting Michael and AHD!

– Laura

Sunset Ride

Laura, Mike, and Tom in La Grange, WI

Check out David’s video:

Mike Biking with Tom

October 29th:

“The ride started shortly after 9am.  Yes, it was still quite cold this morning!  After Jean had been with me for two full days, it was time to pass the baton to David, who met us in Fennimore, WI at about 10:30.  Gladly, he brought along Tom Rolfs from Delafield, who is an avid biker.  It stayed cold for about another hour or so, then things warmed up.  We jumped off the main road and encountered a quiet, parallel country road for about a 30-40 mile stretch.  It was the best leg of the trip so far.  The sites were beautiful, the weather warmer, and the company of Tom was very welcome!

We made it just short of the city of Madison and decided to call it quits.  After three 100+ mile days in bitter cold, it was time for an easier day.  We’ll make some adjustments in the trip tomorrow, as the east coast weather is making its way here to the Midwest.  The Lake Michigan ferry is canceled tomorrow, as they expect 25 ft. waves!
I just keep my head to the ground, focusing on the pedaling.  Thanks, Tom Rolfs!
I was uplifted by the number of donations coming in at the eleventh hour.  Fantastic!!
Thanks to all of you.
– Mike.”

Tom and Mike Biking Through Rural Wisconsin

Tom and Mike at Lunch

Tom and Mike Still Going Strong

Jean and Mike

October 28th:

A message from Mike…

Left Osage around 9 am.  Again a cold morning with temps around 36, but the sun was shining which was great. Has a head wind all day which made it  tricky but by afternoon the temp got up to 47!  Thought I might have to break out my bathing suit! Fun, fast ride this afternoon, first real fun since leaving from Sioux Falls Friday morning. And finally ripping down the two mile 6% drop  to the Mississippi River and across to Prairie du Chien and Wisconsin. Halfway there. Deo Gratias.  Could not have done this without Jean who has been terrific for two days. Tomorrow look forward to hooking up with David and Tom and then on to Madison!

Getting ready east of Osage, Iowa third morning

On the road to Praire du Chien

Finally Wisconsin and the Mississippi

October 27th:

Check out Mike on the Sioux Falls news.

Made it to Osage. It was 39 degrees most of the day but luckily there was some sun… and Jean.  Another great day.

October 26th:

Mike left this morning from Avera Hospital in Sioux Falls, where friends and reporters took photos and videos. He successfully biked all 110 miles through cold, cold Iowa (it never got about 38 degrees). He made it safe and sound, is feeling great, and is in Estherville, IA. Tomorrow he bikes 110 more miles! $$ Raised to Date: $61,690

Goal: $63,000

Please help one of our Board members accomplish his crazy idea to raise funds for Andean Health & Development called “630 in 6 for 63”.

Raised so far: $61,690

Our intrepid cyclist, Dr. Mike Heisler, will soon turn 63 and will be riding his bike 630 miles from Sioux Falls to Notre Dame the last week of October.  It will take him 6 days and has a goal of raising $63,000.

Remainder to be raised: $1,310 to reach $63,000 goal
$13,310 to reach new $75,000 goal

If you are committed to AHD or like challenges or want to help with this adventure, please donate to AHD to help serve the poorest of the poor in Ecuador.

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14 Responses to “630 in 6 for 63”

  1. Mallory Long says:

    from the night shift at the E
    -Mallory, Cindy, Judith, Dr. Z

  2. Nathan Krull says:

    Pedal to the medal Doc!

  3. Edith Liu says:

    Hi Mike stay warm
    We are cheering for you!

  4. Anne says:

    Hey Mike,
    Thinking about you on the frozen tundra and winds hopefully at your back.
    Give us an update!
    Anne & Mark

  5. David says:

    Could hit 50 degrees tomorrow (Monday) in Wiscosnin. Look for Mike on the road in his leopard skin Speedo!

  6. Kristy Colford says:

    Awesome job so far. We are cheering for you. Kristy

  7. Stacy says:

    I am truly inspired by your motivation and commitment! We are cheering you on…stay focused!

  8. Barney Cline says:

    Awesome feat, Mike. You can’t imagine how impressed I am…and proud of you.

  9. Kim says:

    You are truly an amazing person, we have all been thinking about you this entire week, last day!!

  10. alan says:

    Have you thought about exactly how are you going to get home?

  11. Anne says:

    Congratulations, Mike! You are one tough cookie, although never in a minute did we think you would NOT make it! Next year, we’ll join you – if you do the route in the summer. 😉

  12. Lisa says:

    Never any doubt you would to it. Now if only you would have this kind of dedication at honing your free-throw skills 🙂 Maybe the next fundraiser will be a wastepaper basket shoot-out! Come home soon. VACATION OVER!

    We miss you and need you to keep the fire lit under us.

    Great job.

  13. Tami says:

    Way to go Mike. You are an inspiration for us all! Are you biking home too?

  14. Jesse Domino says:

    Simply Amazing! You are a beast!

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