Local Family Physician Resident Says Thanks

We should be thanking her!

Dr. Karina Cando is a first year physician resident whose scholarship to AHD’s Family Practice Residency Program has been paid for by a generous donation from the Elmbrook Rotary Club.  AHD’s residency program trains local doctors to become leaders in medicine and public health who can impact health care for the long term.

I am writing to tell you that so far everything has gone very well in my program. Obviously it is very hard work, but I am dedicated to rural medicine.  I feel very fortunate to be in this unique program for Family Doctors and I thank the Elmbrook Rotary Foundation for making this opportunity a reality.

Recently I did ​​my Gynecology and Obstetrics rotation. I not only learned invaluable procedures but also strengthened my skills from previous rotations in Pediatrics at Hospital Pedro Vicente Maldonado.  I am now able to operate the equipment to give ultrasounds and deliver babies in the safest way possible.  In Ecuador, many women do not even go to the hospital to deliver their babies, let alone have access to a hospital to receive prenatal care.  We at Hospital PVM, and now I, can offer this service to improve women’s health for the long term.

The best part about this residency program is the teaching.  We have excellent mentors and role models, especially Dr. Diego Herrera who runs the program.  I must admit that the hardest part is keeping pace with taxing rhythm of classes, rotations, and service, but I know that in the end, it is worth it to the people I serve in Pedro Vicente Maldonado.

Thank you very, very much to the Rotary group.


Dr. Karina Cando
1st Year Family Physician Resident
Hospital Pedro Vicente Maldonado, Ecuador


We respectfully ask that you make a donation to Andean Health & Development to train more doctors and provide higher quality medical care to Ecuador’s poor.



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  1. Dra. Isabel Pacheco Correa says:

    me alegro mucho de que sea una gran experiencia, pues yo también la viví, eso sí, las cosas eran muy diferentes fuimos los primeros en inciar el postgrado y da mucho orgullo ver que continua, agradezco a David por ser un gran mentor y de todo lo que hay allá es a la persona a la que se debe aprovechar al 500%: un gran maestro!

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