Update from the Founding Director, Dr. David Gaus

"They talk like you. They describe diseases like you. They even crack dumb jokes like you."

We train our local physician residents to teach new classes of residents so they become the future leaders in the health field.  We encourage them to develop their own style; we provide them with teaching tips and the didactic tools they need to become effective teachers to adult learners.  

Diego, the Director of the Residency Program, and I have been curious about the results of our efforts as we give our residents more and more responsibility. When our new crop of first year residents joined our ranks in July, we wondered how our "seasoned" residents would rise to the occasion.  The comment above quotes Diego when I asked him how the teaching was coming along one day.  We think this might be good news, but then again, those who know me realize that my jokes are indeed rather pathetic.  I hope the residents can improve on that (Diego hopes more).

-David Gaus

David Gaus, M.D., MPH & TM is the founding director of Andean Health and Development.

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