The 11-day Trek to Everest Base Camp

John Rudolf, Advisory Board Member for Andean Health & Development wrote this from the Himalayas. He is climbing Everest to raise funds and awareness for the new hospital project in Santo Domingo, Ecuador and is keeping us informed through his blog:

“Yesterday we hiked about 10 miles up a little traveled valley where massive Himalayan peaks towered above us past the village of Thome and then to the home village–Thame–of one of our Alpine Ascent lead guides, Lakpa Sherpa, whose incredible story [he became a US citizen just this year] I will discuss in a future post. Today we had a surprise morning visit from Seattle-based elite international Everest guide David Morton, who is leading a special private climb this Spring. David is a friend of both my brother Matt who is trekking to EBC with us, and myself, and is guiding his younger sister Audrey to EBC so it was a fun reunion of sorts this morning.

We then started a long day of hiking up some steep climbs towards EBC along the main route, spending time at the hundreds years old Buddhist Monastery of Tengboche, where we were able to quietly sit and watch 50 or more red robed monks in their afternoon prayer and chanting session. Religion and prayer is everywhere in Nepal and throughout the Khumbu, and I will also discuss that aspect in future blogs. For now, we are spending the night in the village of Tengboche, and I have just been informed that ‘hot soup is on!’!

Carpe Diem!


April 7, 2010″

Learn more about Advisory Board Member, John Rudolf, by visiting the rest of his blog.

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  1. limewire says:

    Wow! Sweet story dude.

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