Who Cares about Global Health?

It turns out that a lot of Americans do!  This study conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation shows people’s interest in global health and how they think U.S. Aid should be allocated.

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According to Kaiser’s survey, “More of the public prefers an emphasis on health infrastructure rather than fighting specific diseases. While the public continues to support U.S. spending on a variety of specific health-related programs in developing countries, when asked to rank the importance of two different approaches, 58 percent say it is more important to emphasize programs that help countries build their health system infrastructure, under the theory that stronger health systems can better handle a variety of problems. In contrast, 36 percent say it is more important to emphasize efforts to fight specific diseases like AIDS and malaria because efficient methods for treating such diseases already exist and can save large numbers of lives.”

This is evidence that Andean Health & Development is on track with US interests in global health since its mission is to build a new system of comprehensive health care in Ecuador rather than, say, eradicating a single disease.

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For the complete study, please visit: http://www.kff.org/globalhealth/posr111209pkg.cfm (pdf)

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