The Grand Opening of Hospital Pedro Vicente Maldonado in 2001

“I remember that day, It is the biggest project in my city (Pedro Vicente Maldonado), That was in 2001, I am a folklore singer. My name is Paulo Achote. Thank you for the video. It is very important to the Pedro Vicente Maldonado history…” -Paulo Achote, a member of PVM community

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  1. Alana Alford and Ellie says:

    Thank you so much! We were recently with you and our daughter Ellie Alford is doing well, thanks to all of the excellent care of your doctors, nurses, and assistants, and students from Notre Dame! We cannot thank you enough, and we will be donating to your hospital soon! Please let us know how you all are doing. You all are family. Thank you from the bottom most parts of our hearts. Thank you for treating our little girl for the poisonous snake bite. You all are Wesome. We owe you the world! Alana and Jason Alford, Gabriel and Ellie Alford

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